Privacy audit logo



Building trust on your behalf


Why audit your privacy policies?

There is no legal requirement to audit your privacy policies, but if you are trying build trust amongst your customers and use your database to communicate with them.


There is no international accreditation standard, but we are proposing that the Privacy Audit logo become part of a move to demonstrate compliance with the law.


Compliance with the law will allow your company to display the logo on your literature and websites, with a link back to the register that outlines your processes. This in turn will help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

Customer relationship marketing

CRM or Customer Relationship Marketing has received a bad press over the last four or five years, with companies encouraged to invest vast sums of money in systems they fail to understand, are too complex for the organisation and lead to a drain on resources.


We understand the principles behind the CRM systems and can help identify not only how you can use them legally, but also enhance the databases and increase your ROI on your campaigns.