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Checklist overview

This page outlines the areas that we audit, to ensure that you comply with the law, and maximise your contact with your customers.

Evaluation of your privacy policies

We evaluate what you have written as a privacy policy. Is it easy to read and understand? Does it cover what you actually do, or is it aspirational?

Opt-in audit

Under the legislation, you are only allowed to communicate with customers who have opted in to receive your messages. There are some grey areas to this law, which we can advise you of, but the general rule of thumb in consumer markets is - active opt-in only to communicate with customers.


This law currently only applies to consumer markets, but if you operate in the B2B sector, you are dealing with people who are treated as consumers in other areas of their live, and will start to expect the same level of service in their business lives. We recommend that you set up a system of active opt-in amongst your business customers.

Data Integrity & Retrieval

Your communications and understanding of your customers is only as good as the integrity and accuracy of your data. We audit the database for errors and format, and evaluate how you retrieve the data. Are you segmenting and targeting your customers correctly? If not, you may be wasting your time and money, and destroying any trust you may have built with your customers.

Communications audit

This is all about communications - yours and if you sell the data, your list customers. We audit your on- and offline communications to ensure that you are sending the material only to people who want to receive it, and that it is correctly targeted.

Customer care/support evaluation

The accuracy of your data, and your privacy policies will affect the way you deal with your customers, and there is no worse time to get it wrong that when they have a complaint. Getting details wrong will only add to potential infuriation and destroy the relationship. You don't want to incite churn amongst your customers if you can help it!

Staff understanding/training audit

You can operate the most sophisticated CRM system, but if the staff do not understand the data going into it, and cannot read the output, you are likely to make mistakes. This in turn has an impact on the customer's perception of your privacy policy and legal compliance. We check that your customers understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it is being done.