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What we do at Privacy Audit

In Europe, we are governed by fairly strict privacy legislation - the Data Protection Act (DPA) is the UK version. Failure to comply with the law will cause you to be dragged through a messy legal process costing you vast sums of money and destroying any trust your customers have in your business.

The service

At Privacy Audit, we understand the law and your requirements in marketing to your customers. As a result we have devised this audit to analyse your database or direct marketing policies and procedures.


We use a detailed checklist to help identify the problem areas in your database management and marketing, and work with you to comply with the law, and make more profitable use of the data.


If you are planning to outsource your data, either for data storage or within a call centre, we can also help you understand your legal obligations, and help you plan your outsourced operations.

The marketing art of the opt-in

With the backing of our partner company - Jack Marketing Solutions - we can help you determine the best methods to increase your opt-in rates, segment and target your audiences better, and make better use of the purchase and sale of lists.