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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions applies to the Privacy Audit website, and is freely accessible from the website at all times.


Privacy Audit is a brand of TP Marketing Group, and is contactable c/o:

60 SEC




Tel: +44 (0)203 397 3557




We agree to audit and evaluate your database marketing activities with the express objective of assessing your adherence to the Data Protection Act and privacy best practices.


We will agree an individual process with each company, including a series of milestones with which we will monitor the project and for billing. At the end of the process, if successful, you will be entered into our roll of honour as proof of compliance.


The process itself need not be undertaken onsite, but for the personnel who do visit your premises, full Non-Disclosure Agreements will be signed where applicable.


Once passed, you will be able to use the Privacy Audit logo to demonstrate your compliance. This logo will link back to the roll of honour as proof of compliance, and contain your certificate number.


We reserve the right to use your name in our own marketing for the service, and permit you to do likewise.